8 Things I Do While Running

I’m 5 weeks away from my marathon now, and before that, I spent 2 months half-marathon training. For the past 5 months, I’ve had to do a long run just about every Saturday! To say I spend a lot of time running seems like an understatement at times.

I started thinking about how much time I really do spend running during the week, and then it lead me to wonder, what the heck do I do or think about that whole that time? Here’s a random list of what happens on my runs, in no particular order.

8 Things I Do While Running | FreeingImperfections.com

1. Blow my nose. A lot. This isn’t an issue in the summer, but when it’s cold out, even a little, my nose runs like crazy. I have to take a bajillion kleenex’s with me on every run. Annoying and gross.

2. Listen to nature, not music. Most my runs are sans music these days. I got really burnt out on my workout playlist and just never made another one. Oops. I kind of like it that way, though. And ear buds always bug me/fall out/get in the way so it’s just easier without.

3. Think. About all kinds of random stuff from…

  • blog post topics (this one!)
  • meals I want to make during the week
  • what mile I’m on
  • how my feet feel (a lot lately, since I’ve been having shoe issues)
  • I check out every runner’s shoes who pass me
  • why I am still running, and let that fuel and empower me
  • my to do list
  • what I’m going to eat after I’m done
  • how good my shower is going to feel (motivation people)
  • how good yoga/stretching is going to feel the next day
  • how much running has transformed me & how strong I am
  • wonder what mile other runners are on or what they’re training for

4. Clear my mind. Instead of thinking, I can actually just not think. And just move and be. Running is literally the only time I can shut off my mind and it’s amazing.

5. Have anxiety. This seems like the most anti-running thing, but sometimes I have really bad anxiety on my runs for a short period of time.

Sometimes I start out anxious on my runs because I don’t feel “with it” yet or sometimes I get anxious about finishing the miles, the weather, how my outfit/shoes are fitting/not fitting right, or where I’m going. Or sometimes I work myself up by thinking too much so I get anxious.

Silly, I know. I’m trying to work on it and trust that I can do it. I think I’ve really been letting the enemy in here, believing that I can’t do it anymore, but that’s just not true.

6. Focus on my breathing. Especially when I have anxiety! I usually do short inhales through my nose and exhale through my mouth slightly opened to try to catch my breath, calm me down, or just enjoy breathing deeply.

7. Sprint. Sort of. I don’t really do speed training. And by don’t really, I mean, I don’t at all.But every now and then, I get adrenaline or the urge to speed it up and I’ll make it a goal to sprint to a certain object or point. Makes things interesting.

8. Pray. Lately, since I’ve had so much time on my longer runs (or rather, they take a long time), I like to use some of that time praying. I’ve always prayed on runs here and there, but now I try to make it a point to do so since I’m already thinking about a lot anyway.

I also pray to get through my run or when I need some extra energy and motivation. Always helps :)

Weekly Workouts

Quick recap from last week. Ran a total of almost 30 miles! My most ever, and had my longest long run so far. Running was really good last week probably because more than a quarter of it was done outside! 

Finally feeling springy, although this week is looking like more snow… Anyway, very solid week for running. Not for strength training, but whatever. I’ll take the running.

Tuesday – 4 miles & this legs circuit (which left me sore allll week, may have over done it?)

Wednesday – about 4.5 miles after work, outside, because it was actually warm enough. Ammmazing.

Thursday – accidentally slept in and missing my normal AM gym sesh. Did 2.5 miles after work instead, again outside. Was great and just wanted to stretch my legs.

Friday – rest day

Saturday – 18 mile long run. Went so much better than I thought it would and was better than my attempted 16 miler. Felt great all the way up until 14 miles, got a little cranky between 14-16.5, but pushed through to the finish. Feeling good about 20 next weekend!

Sunday – rest day, some light stretching

Monday – 20 minutes of yoga

I’m really thankful for a solid week last week to prep for this week since my 20-miler is this Sunday. Also, got the chance to break in the new Reebok’s this week.


They are not perfect but are a huge improvement from the Asics. A little narrower than I was expecting, but they will work until the marathon is over.

I’m preparing for another good week of higher mileage, but if I am feeling rest, I’m just going to take it so I’m ready for race day. Excited!

Questions for You:

  • What do you do while running or working out?
  • Favorite workout recently? I could use some new ones to add into the mix. 


  1. Those thoughts are just like mine, ha. I hear you with the anxiety. I feel like there is always a part I get anxious on but then it passes by. I like that you think of what you’re going to eat after.. glad I’m not the only one 😉
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…New York City: Day 1My Profile

  2. Congrats on the 18 mile run, thats HUGE! Question for you- you’ve said things a few times that have made me think your husband is training/doing the marathon alos. I would love to read about how that works between the two of you. My boyfriend and i run the same races and pretty much follow the same training plan, but we never actually run together (hes really fast, and i am not). I’m just interested how this works for other couples. Good luck on 20 miles!!!

    • Good question! We are the same as you and your boyfriend. We run at the same time and start our runs together, but I am way behind him. My average half marathon time is 2:20ish and his is 1:40. No way we could run together with those different paces! At first, I was sad about it because I would like a running buddy, but I actually love running alone too. It’s “me” time :)

  3. I do a lot of the very same things, especially thinking about lots of random stuff. I just let my mind wonder.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…I LOVE CarbsMy Profile

  4. Congrats on 18 miles! I feel like that’s the big “hump” — once you can do that, you can do anything!
    I think about so many random things while I’m running but surprisingly one of the things I can’t think about is breathing. I find when I focus on it, it makes it harder to breathe naturally/easy. Weird.. I know. I do focus on form though!
    Caroline recently posted…Tips for Brides: Wedding Day TimelineMy Profile

    • Thanks! I also feel like now that I’ve 18, the rest should come “naturally,” I hope. I agree with you on the breathing thing. If I focus too much, it makes it seem labored instead of natural.

  5. Your marathon is right around the corner! I’m glad you’ve found some better shoes. They make all the difference!
    Stacie @SimplySouthernstacie recently posted…Texas ForeverMy Profile

  6. I’m always amazed at how much snot our bodies can produce. I mean, how is that even possible, right? Haha.

    As I was training for my marathon, I found I prayed a lot more during my runs than I ever had before – just about everything and I felt so much more connected & grateful to my God, myself and everyone else around me because of it.
    Tamara recently posted…Runners Tell All: Favorite Runner GearMy Profile

  7. Your #1 cracked me up because that’s me, too. And I’m with you on #2, 3, and 8. I love listening to the birds sing, the squirrels chatter, etc. I’d say I spend a good bit of time just daydreaming, too.
    Debbie @ DebRuns recently posted…Moms RAN Our Nation’s Capital!My Profile

  8. I’m so impressed with your dedication, but realistic approach to your training. I LOVE my Reeboks! Hopefully you’ll love yours too – or at least your feet will be happier. 😉
    Sarah @ Sarah Sincerely recently posted…Do You Set Unrealistic Expectations?My Profile

  9. Congrats on the 18! I’m not sure what I think about while I run; my brain kind of wanders like it does if I’m on a long drive or laying in bed. and I totally understand feeling anxious because you’re not “with it” yet because I do that too! Or I’ll get carried away by thinking “I think that my [insert muscle] might possibly start to hurt soon”
    Karen recently posted…lunging down the hallwayMy Profile

  10. 20 miles! That’s so exciting! I only got up to 15 before my marathon because I had the flu for a few weeks. Glad training is going well. :) And I’m with you on the anxiety thing. Sometimes I start a run and just worry if I’ll be able to finish it or not. I eventually get lost in random thoughts though. I often wish I had a notepad with me to jot down ideas, especially for blogging and stuff.
    Katie recently posted…Ska Music Workout PlaylistMy Profile

  11. There really are times when I think we are the same person!! I also tend to get myself worked up and have anxiety while running… All of the sudden I have that tight feeling in my chest and I’m panicking! I also tend to clear my mind too and running is the only time I can do it!! I also tend to problem-solve, figure out my to-do list, listen to music loudly and/or catch up on blogs (when I’m on the treadmill)
    Brittany @ Read, Run, Repeat recently posted…Weekend StoriesMy Profile

  12. I’m glad I’m not the only one whose mind wanders while working out! Congrats on your successful training :)
    Ree recently posted…things we’re loving right nowMy Profile

  13. When I run, I listen to my breathing and my foot falls. Music distracts me the best, because I can often have too many negative thoughts while running, because I’m not as fast as I want to be!
    Janelle @ Run With No Regrets recently posted…Friday Five: 100 Flights of Steps in 24 Hours…My Profile

  14. On my run yesterday with my friend we talked until we HIT the major hill and then I just had to breathe. I had music but took the yurbuds out of my ears and basically ran without music even though it was playing (I know weird). Then we talked some more about everything – it was nice. Then we hit 3 more hills and all talking ceased. But we were thinking about how to better manage how we eat during the week to maintain and continue to lose fat, summer camps for our kids, hoping one of our friends is doing ok because we haven’t seen her lately – she has been home sick, what we did the night before (me out with hubster eating at P.F. Changs and she out with her hubster and surprised him with a surprise birthday party in DC which is about 1 hour away). It was nice. Visiting from #sitssharefest.
    Diatta @ Femme Fitale Fit Club recently posted…Friday Five: Favorite Fitness ActivitiesMy Profile

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