The Desk Chair Workout

Hey guys!

I’ve had a really busy day at work so far. I didn’t have any time to prep a post for today last night as I got back from Bible study pretty late. I woke up feeling like I had a sore throat, so I skipped my workout and didn’t get on the blog until now, my lunch break!

Although I wasn’t feeling too well, I was excited to get a little dressed up for work today. No reason, just because I can now :)

work outfit

Yesterday, I’d decided that since this is my third week hard at work, I deserved some Starbucks for breakfast. I asked some of you via Twitter yesterday what I should get, but I just couldn’t break away from my love affair with the PSL: non-fat, grande, no whip perfection.

Starbucks breakfast

I also tried one of the new loafs of Starbucks’ new line of food. It was a pumpkin cream cheese loaf. I wasn’t that impressed. I will definitely miss their regular pumpkin bread. :(

Lunch could seriously not come fast enough today. I am always starving for lunch by like 10:30-11. I don’t know what’s up!

Healthy work lunch

I had a ham & cheese & pickle sandwich (my fave), carrots, salad with honey mustard dressing, and some apple juice. Simple but satisfying.

The Desk Chair Workout

Since I skipped my workout today, I was a little disappointed again. However, the past few weeks that I haven’t been able to workout, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get some movement in during my long day of sitting 9+ hours.

To break up my day & get myself moving, I do this “workout” while sitting in my chair. All you need to do this workout is a chair with arm rests. You don’t have to be at work to do it, but if you are, it’s something you can do on your lunch break.

You can even do a full set at three different times throughout the day, whenever you have time. It all counts!

The Desk Chair Workout | Freeing Imperfections

Explanation of the moves:

None of these are complicated, but since they are modified for doing in a chair, they require a little bit of explanation.

– Chair Touches: it’s like a less intense squat. Squat down in front of chair, as if you are sitting down. Just barely touch the chair before raising back up again.

Overhead Arm Raises: raise both arms overhead and then out to side, parallel to floor. Repeat.

Sitting Ab Pulse Sit Ups: Sit on edge of chair, giving yourself room to lean back. Lean back, tightening abs, and pulse forward and back with arms pointed in a v over legs. Do reps.

– Sitting Double Leg Raises: extend both legs out in front of you from seated position (works hamstrings). Lower to floor for one rep.

Diamond Arm Extensions: Put hands together at chest forming a diamond shape with hands. Press arms out in front of you, keeping hands together. Pull back to chest for one rep.

– Sitting Reverse Crunches: Rest elbows/arms on the arm rests to hold yourself up as you tuck and pull your abs up, using hip flexors/legs for momentum.

Sitting Scissor Kicks: sitting on edge of chair, lean back and extend legs straight in front of you. Cross legs over one another to do scissor kicks. Cross again for one rep. Repeat.

And that’s it! Pretty simple, but a good way to get some movement in my otherwise motion stagnant day. Hope you guys have an awesome afternoon!

Questions for You:

  • Do you ever try to work out at your desk, or am I the only one?
  • Do you feel like you have to have a reason to dress up or not?


  1. says

    I don’t workout at my desk but I definitelky make a point to walk around as breaks to get the oxygen flowing! I try to walk on lunch a bunch of days too as a refresher. I like getting dressed up for work – makes me feel good! Have a great day!
    Em @ Love A Latte recently posted…A Few UpdatesMy Profile

    • says

      I was almost thinking of adding some “chair walking” to do with your legs in a rolling chair, but not everyone has a rolling chair. Sometimes just rolling around to my file cabinet in my chair is a good workout too!

  2. says

    That is another super cute work outfit. The necklace you wore on your first day might go with this outfit too. I would eat those carrots at 10:30 if no one minds you eating a snack at your desk. Almost everyone at my office has a morning snack. Scissor kicks at my desk sound fun. Unless I fall on the floor. Do you use your work computer to go on your blog? I do, but feel guilty.
    Savvy Working Gal recently posted…The Adjunct TrapMy Profile

    • says

      Thank you! I actually put that same necklace on today but decided against it for some reason. I think it would look really cute with the neckline :)

      I can eat snacks at my desk no problem. I need to start bringing some fruit or something. I did use a work computer to blog today, but it was on my lunch break. I would feel bad about doing it if I was working!

    • says

      It’s a salad shaker. There’s a spot to keep dressing in the top. When I’m ready to eat it, I push down on the pink button and the dressing comes out & I shake it all up. Really convenient for work!


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