Tapping Into Positive

Happy Monday!

I have been quite the busy little bee the past few days! Hubby was out of town until Friday night, late. Saturday was all about being together and reconnecting and shopping! We both needed some new business casual clothes – him for work & me for Mary Kay.

I got this pencil skirt & two white blouses at Kohl’s.

Business casual clothes

I promise they’re a lot cuter on than they are on the floor…

I secretly love this type of dress, but I didn’t own any before. Now I can be all business professional fancy for my Mary Kay meeting tonight :)

Debut Party

Sunday was a really busy but great day too. We were at church from about 8:30 to 1. We serve on a connections/welcome team and stay for both services sometimes, which is always fun. Then after church, we went out to lunch with some friends.

I also had a “debut party” to kick off my Mary Kay business. Needless to say, Sunday called for a really good outfit.

All Dressed Up :)

My debut party was such a great learning experience. The basic principle is that my director threw a Mary Kay party for me to learn how to throw my own parties. I invited some of my friends to have a facial party. I got to learn how to match foundation and soak up every word my talented director was saying.

It was a great experience, and my friends have been so supportive & awesome about my new job.

New Mary Kay

Some new product I got last night was the microdermabrasion set (basically like the most amazing exfoliant, ever), Satin Hands, & Mary Kay’s newest mascara – lash love. Can’t wait to start using all of them :)

Tapping Into Positive

That being said, I am really excited for this week & life in general. Getting started in Mary Kay is a little scary, but mostly exciting and inspiring. I know the only way I can keep this momentum up & move forward in my business is with a positive attitude, though.

I truly believe that the outcome of many things is all a result of my own attitude. Life is what you make of it, and I want to have a positive happy outcome. Here’s a couple of positive quotes for all of us to stay inspired on Monday & throughout the week.

Positive Energy

I really believe that being positive GIVES you energy. People thrive off of positive energies & get uncomfortable around negative energy.

Prove them wrong

There are many voices of doubt that I know the enemy is trying to put into my head at this time. My aim is to not even start listening to those voices of “impossible” but be a force of possible.


My main goal this week? Focus on positive actions, thoughts, and activities. I want to actively BE positive choices.

I hope this has inspired you! I’m ready to tackle a new week with happy energy flowing from every facet of my life.


  1. Being positive definitely does give you energy…I completely agree! That satin hands stuff is the best :)
    Allison recently posted…Pressed Juicery Cleanse, Days 2 & 3My Profile

  2. Your dress is so cute!!! Staying positive is SO important to staying stress-free and happy. Kick that doubt out the door. I know it’s something I am constantly working on.
    Sarah @pickyrunnerSarah @Pickyrunner recently posted…Sea breezeMy Profile

  3. Heck yes! Positive thoughts sent your way, and kept for me too :) I had some major anxiety this weekend about growing up (really, though) and it took positive thoughts to get me to come out of it, and well, breathing. I know you are going to be fantastic at Mary Kay! The satin hands is my favorite Mary Kay product! :)
    Heather @fitncookies recently posted…Birthday Recap, some boating, and some relaxing!My Profile

  4. You’re outfits are too cute! Love the dress and also the pencil skirt. Sending good vibes your way, you’re going to do awesome as a Mary Kay consultant!
    Marissa @Barefoot Colorado recently posted…Sweet Sweet Summertime + KayaksMy Profile

  5. You look beautifuL!!! Such a great post- I am trying to stay positive over all of the little last minute things that keep coming up for the wedding!
    Christina @Thetinyrunner recently posted…Good Morning West PointMy Profile

  6. You look so pretty for your party! I have to say- I think you’ll do really great at this. You just seem to have to type of personality to be good at helping women with these types of things.

    You’ve almost convinced me to make the jump into the direct sales I’ve really been wanting to do. It’s not Mary Kay though, it’s Jamberry Nails. I’ve been sitting on the idea for at least the last 6 months!
    Chelsea recently posted…Homemade Classic Sloppy JoesMy Profile

  7. Hi, new reader here! I love your blog look, it’s so fun! And the outfits you got at Kohls are gorgeous, as is the outfit you wore – that dress and sweater are perfect together!

    I need to work on being more positive, I feel like lately I’ve been having a hard time with that. You have some great quotes, thanks!
    Ari @ The Pace of it All recently posted…Weekend rambles: running woes, a realization and other randomness.My Profile

  8. You look so cute!!! Very fashionable, my friend. Best of luck with your Mary Kay- Work hard, stay postive and good things will come. I know a girl that has had HUGE success with the company.
    Julie Wunder recently posted…High Neck Pink Work Dress w/ Yellow Bib NecklaceMy Profile

  9. I had to do a lesson for the 8-11 year old girls at my church a couple weeks ago and I choose to do it on being positive. It is so powerful!

    Found you from SITS and so glad I did. :)
    Ashley @ DreamUp Studios recently posted…Update: Mobile ResponsivenessMy Profile

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