20 Week Bumpdate

Hey guys! I am officially half-way done growing Baby Bee as of tomorrow! 

My thoughts on being halfway done are really not that exciting. Having another 20+ weeks left (and probably the more uncomfortable of all the weeks) still feels long. I think I’ll be more excited when I hit the 3rd trimester. 

Annnd here’s a bump shot.

half way there

I don’t feel like I’ve gotten as big as I thought I would be by this point. I feel like any second now I will just start getting huge though! It’s coming. 

Also, a note about bump photos… If you haven’t figured it out already, I’m not really a fan (for myself). At first, I thought I would do a weekly bump shot and post it to FB, etc. I’ve known a lot of women who have done this and I do find it extremely interesting.

However, my husband and I agreed that we viewed this as a form of over-sharing for us. While I wouldn’t mind my close friends seeing photos like that every week, I don’t feel like Facebook needs to, and since my blog is 100% public, I have no control over who sees what. I don’t normally post a lot of photos of my whole body up close, so I don’t really see now (when I’m getting huge) as a good time to do that either. I will post these now and then to update you on me and Baby’s Bee’s progress, but it’s not going to be that often. 

How I’m Feeling: The past week was really crappy. Over the weekend, I just slept and slept and ate and ate.

I’ve also been having really low back pain consistently for a while now, but the past 2 weeks it was very pronounced. My back would hurt when sitting at work (like my tailbone area) & it also starts to hurt if I stand for a while. I was standing and washing the dishes for about 10 minutes and literally had to run to my husband and ask him to rub my back. It was so weird but it hurt really bad. 

Weight Gain: haven’t looked but I have been feeling like I’ve totally lost my waistline and kind of pudgy around there. Not surprising, but just more noticeable lately. 

Maternity Clothes: I actually can’t fit into some of my favorite maternity pants :( No, I am not that big, but I had a feeling the pants I bought would not last the whole pregnancy.

I started wearing maternity pants at 9 weeks or so but if I got them too big, they wouldn’t have worked in the first trimester. They’re low panel pants though and are just cutting into me right where baby is pushing my belly out, so it was very uncomfortable and not forgiving. Thankfully they were only $10 each at Old Navy! 

comfy clothes

I’m finding that big sweaters and these stretchy leggings I got are much more comfortable lately, like above. (Oh and can you believe this photo was taken the same week as the one above? Amazing what a big sweater can do!) 

Sleep: I feel like all I do and want to do is sleep. Sleep is okay. I’ve definitely been having a lot of super weird dreams. 

Fitness: This was on the back burner for the weekend and took me a while to get back into it this week. Yesterday, I did a strength workout & some elliptical and felt so great after it. I haven’t run in a while, so I’m curious to see how my 4 miler goes tomorrow! I’m not really nervous about it, I think I’ll just take it slow. 

Gender: Girllll

Craving: all the carbs. Still. I made pumpkin bread this weekend and wanted to eat the whole loaf! Cheese & lunch meat always too. Asian also always sounds good, which is typically rare for me. 

Food aversions: nothing that I can really think of. Veggies are still not appealing. 

Missing: drinking, definitely around this time of year! 

Movement: I actually felt like movement decreased recently, but I started feeling movement in different ways/areas of my body, so that has been kind of neat.

It’s also funny because as she does move, I realize how used to it I’ve already gotten! We went to see Interstellar (super long!) and the whole movie she was kicking me. And I just sat there chillin’ like this is so normal. 

Purchased for Baby: still nothing new, but I did look at some more baby things at Target this week. I found this space-saver high chair that I really liked. I’ve never liked the idea of having a big standalone high chair – I’m not sure why. But this seems awesome. 

high chair

My husband wasn’t a fan though because he said then if we had people over, we’d have one less chair, which is true. Thoughts? Any experience with high chairs? 

Most looking forward to: eating all the food on Thanksgiving. I heard my baby really likes pie ;)

I have my 20 week ultrasound on Monday – so excited to see her again & have my husband see her on u/s for the first time too. 

Questions for You: 

  • What’s your view on sharing pregnancy on social media?

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