Beans Updates & Life Lately 8.20.14

Hey guys! Long time, no blog! How have you been?

Last week was very busy and exhausting for me. My husband was out-of-town the whole week, I was feeling a little sick and extra tired so life felt a little more overwhelming than usual. Thankfully, I feel like I have my energy back this week.

This morning I went on a quick and easy 3 mile run with my coworker before work.

3 mile easy run

I’m always so slow in the morning (and we talk a lot so that slows us down even more), but I don’t care. It was peaceful run around this foggy pond. Fun!

I got ready at the locker room at my work and then headed in the office early to eat breakfast. I had some overnight oats with blueberries, peanut butter, chia seeds, and coconut chips.

Blueberry Overnight Oats

Another reason last week was so tiring to me is because I had to take care of Beans all by myself. He is recovering well, but he cannot run or jump at all. It’s kind of like watching a baby, because I can’t really put him down. I keep him in a pantry with a babygate during the day, but if I put him in it for even a second at night so I can do something like make dinner – he freaks out and whines like crazy.

So I honestly didn’t do much last week after work because I either had to be holding Beans or trying to hurry up and do chores while I listened to him whine. I feel bad because I can’t play fetch with him to tire him out. I can take him on walks, and that does tire him out, but I still have to be right next to him.

Beans new legs

Other than all that, he really is doing well. We’ve determined that the first leg he broke is never going to be the same again. At first, we were really concerned it wasn’t even healing right, but now we’ve just concluded that it’s not straight and bends much differently than the other leg. It seems functional and he has no problem putting weight on it, but it just looks a little funny.

Overall, I am so thankful that after only a month since his surgery, things are looking up for once! I am so glad to see my dog happy again and getting more comfortable walking and moving every day.

I hope you have a happy hump day. Here’s a little something funny to get your day going.

Happy Hump Day


Questions for You:

  • What do you bring for on-the-go breakfasts? Breakfast is getting kind of boring lately!
  • Do you look forward to getting half way through the week as much as I do?