WIAW: Recent Eats

Hey guys! 

Even though Claire is already a month old (seriously, how did that happen?) I will say I have definitely not gotten the hang of managing a baby, life stuff, and the blog. I think I have a pretty good hold on the baby and life but it’s pretty hard to get the time to sit down and have both my hands free to actually type a post up (and trust me, typing with one hand while holding a baby in the other is hard!). 

I haven’t shared any food in a while though, so I thought I’d share some recent eats mostly from last week when my mom was out. 


My mom’s trip undoubtedly started out with a trip to the bakery down the street. 

bakery trip

I have been eating here a lot lately. And I don’t mind one bit! Scones and a raspberry croissant with some iced coffee – mmm! 

fish and plantains

Any time we have visitors, we always make fish since we have such fresh fish up here in Boston. This is parmesan encrusted tilapia with fried plantains and guac. 

thinking cup brunch

For brunch one day, my mom and I went to The Thinking Cup on Tremont street. We both got quiche that came with an argula salad and a latte. Very tasty, but I think I’d stick to pastries at this place instead of real food. 

While we were downtown, we got Georgetown Cupcakes. I had heard of this place before as the holy grail of cupcakes in Boston. Yeah, it really is.

Georgetown Cupcakes

I got the one on the left – vanilla with milk chocolate frosting. My mom got the one on the right – dark chocolate ganache. We both inhaled them rather quickly. I will be back. 

taco salad

Another easy favorite is taco salad. Hubby made me and my mom some strawberry margaritas from scratch. So tasty. I am totally enjoying my drinks these days again. 


No trip to Boston is complete without some pizza. We got an eggplant parm, sausage, and riccotta pizza (left) and a basic white pizza (right). Both were incredible. 

After my mom left, we were kind of out of food and both hubby and I were craving a burger. 

boston burger company

We ordered take out from Boston Burger Company (omgsogood). We got the Hot Mess burger to split and a bunch of their fiery fries. Sooooo delish. 

After we did finally go grocery shopping, hubby made dinner – pan fried chicken thighs, Middle Eastern cous cous with green olives, onion, and raisins. 

chicken and cous cous

We’ve made this dish a couple of times but he’s made a bunch of tweaks to it. It’s beyond delicious. I’ll have to blog the recipe soon! 

Annnd that’s what I’ve been eating lately. 

Questions for You: 

  • Where do you usually take visitors to eat?
  • What’s the last new recipe you tried?

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