Our Little Pumpkin is…

Happy Halloween & Happy Friday!!! 

No tricks here – just a treat! We are excited to announce that…

It's a Girl!

I’m so excited! 

Both my husband and I would be happy with either a boy or girl, as long as we get a healthy baby in the end. It’s funny though because I was totally wrong with my guess. I was completely convinced I was having a boy. When I got the call that she was a girl, I actually asked the lady on the phone “Are you sure?!” 

It works out well though, as we were very undivided about boys name but had a girl name right away. I may consider revealing it before she is born, but I’m not so sure just yet. ;) 

Here’s some of the girly things we have been given so far. 

Girl Stuff

My wo-worker who gave me all the maternity clothes conveniently has 3 girls, so she gave me all the cute clothes.

I am very excited to have a girl, as there is so much cute girly stuff! 

Sneak peak: there is a fun challenge post coming tomorrow for the month of November. Be sure to check it out! Hope your Halloween and weekend is fantastic!

Questions for You: 

  • Was your guess right? A lot of you guessed girl! 
  • What are your plans tonight? I’m handing out candy and going to watch Hocus Pocus :) 

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