19 Week Bumpdate

Weekly Bumpdates

Time for another update! I was hoping to share a pregnancy-friendly abs workout today, but my computer is having issues, so I might add that in later tonight.

How I’m Feeling: I feel very good most of the time now, but I have a feeling this will be a short-lived phase. Every day, I can literally feel the difference in how big I am and how big Baby Bee must be getting.

Weight Gain: I have only checked at home once. I think this will be my general outlook on monitoring my weight unless it was brought to my attention that my weight was becoming a problem. I went to the doc’s last week for a quick test and I actually weighed a little less than I did a few weeks before. Still holding at +7-8 pounds right now.

Maternity Clothes: I think I am used to my new clothes now and feel more confident in dressing for work. I am excited for the holidays though so I can make use of my jeans and some more comfy/casual clothes

Sleep: It’s been pretty good lately. I am 100% used to getting up in the middle of the night to pee, so that’s a non-issue now. Just this week, I found that my humidifier cuts down on my need to get up and drink water in the middle of the night – a godsend! Most days, I feel like I could easily sleep in, though, and sometimes have been – not a good habit!

Fitness: Although I definitely feel like I have more energy, I haven’t been too good about prioritizing workouts lately. Making sure I eat healthy/meal plan & getting enough sleep have definitely been more of a priority lately.

This week, I did this tabata workout from Heather (favorite!), some elliptical, and this morning I finally ran again!My running is sporadic. Let’s hope I can eek out 4 miles for my Turkey Trot in a week!!

Gender: Girl :)

Craving: all. the. coffee! I want Starbucks daily now that I can stomach coffee. All the bread still – bagels and rolls.

Food aversions: nothing really. All food really sounds good most days. I have been getting some pretty bad heartburn from spicy or tomato-based foods, so I think I need to start avoiding those.

Missing: not having to heat my lunch meat or watch out for “bad” foods, a good beer

Movement: I’m adding this in and I realize I keep forgetting to talk about it! I probably felt my first movements around 14 weeks. I felt my first real that-was-definitely-a-kick movement at 17 weeks.

And now I feel her kick all the time! It’s so awesome! I can tell she is getting stronger every day. It’s very nice to feel her presence and know she’s doing something in there.

Purchased for Baby: nothing new yet. I am going to try to hold out on buying anything until after my showers so I only buy what we need!

Most looking forward to: my husband’s holiday work party and showing off my belly (I got a form fitted dress that really makes me “look” pregnant), eating for two on Thanksgiving :)

Questions for You:

  • Was working your abs a possibility/appealing when pregnant?
  • Any tips for making the most of my second trimester?

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Christmas Music

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18 Week Bumpdate


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