Treat Yourself Tuesday: Athleta Goodies & Baby Gear

Hello, hello!

I had a nice time with my dad over the weekend. He left yesterday afternoon, so today feels is my “Monday” of the week. I feel like each week this summer is just another week of playing catch up between visitors or travel. It’s really going by so fast! 

Last week included some serious treats, so I thought it was time for another Treat Yourself Tuesday. Thanks to Becky for hosting! 

Treat Yourself Tuesday

When my mom was visiting, she treated me to my first taste of Athleta with this nice mint sweatshirt for Mother’s Day. You guys. Athleta is the bomb. 

Seriously, just don’t shop there unless you want to get addicted and spend at least $100+ every time you go in. Because that’s what’s happened to me. Oops. 

Anyway, I treated myself last week to a legit sports bra (Double Dare) for running, striped capris, & a tank in the same mint color. 

athleta capris

I am seriously in trouble now that they’re making more items in that minty aqua color! My favorite. I’m usually not one to spend a lot on anything, but sporty clothes are pretty much all I want to wear right now. They make me feel good & they fit, so there! 

In the clothing department, I also made a big step and broke down and bought new jeans. I got them on sale at Macy’s, so even if they only fit for a little while, it didn’t break the bank. They fit great and make me feel normal again!


I also got Boston hoodie while I was downtown with my dad. I figured it was time to get one before I move away. And of course it’s mint 😉 

We made a stop at Baby’s R Us last week too. That is also slowly becoming my favorite store now – beware new moms/moms-to-be!

I stopped in because I wanted some chest strap protectors for Claire’s car seat. The straps cut into her neck really badly, so I wanted to fix her up. We got these simple grey ones to match our ugly grey car seat (seriously hate this car seat on so many levels). 

car seat straps

I also saw this stroller caddy in the same design as my diaper bag, which I loooove. I actually wanted to get one of these things anyway since the BOB stroller doesn’t have anywhere to put anything. Yes, I could have gotten a caddy that was $10 cheaper, buuut this one was just too cute :) 

stroller cady

Now I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and workout, clean my house, and take care of chick-a-dee. Happy Tuesday!

Questions for You:

  • What have you treated yourself to lately? 
  • Is your summer flying or dragging?

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