My Top 5 Running Must-Haves

The other day as I was getting ready for a run, I took a look at myself and just laughed. I had on compression shorts, a running tech shirt, a baseball cap, special running socks, a hand water bottle in one hand and a GU gel in the other.

If I was in this same outfit about 3 years ago, it would only have been for Halloween as I was not a runner until recently. It got me thinking about all my running essentials. And how I wish someone had just told me what stuff was really awesome for running right when I started. Not that I would have believed them… But, still.

Here are my top favorite items for running and exercising in general. Enjoy!

1. PRO Compression Socks

I. Love. These. Socks! If you’ve never tried compression socks, all I have to say is you have to try them to believe them. The concept of compression socks never sounded that useful to me, but these are my lifesaver now.

I did a giveaway for these socks a while back and fell in love with them ever since. I have the high knee ones that are great for post-long run recovery or even just lounging in the house all day. I also have the shorter ankles ones, which are newer. These are great to still get that compression feel for your feet and provide a non-rubbing sock for long runs or races without the bulk of the knee-high socks.

PRO Compression Socks

They are a little pricey, but PRO Compression frequently offers coupons through their mailing list or their Facebook page so you can snag them for a deal.

2. Fair Trade Foot Lotion

So, you may think I’m crazy for putting a lotion as a running must-have, but hear me out! My feet and my legs are verrry sore these days, and I will do just about anything to cut down on soreness. One time when I was buying a bath bomb specifically for sore muscles at Lush, the sales associate recommended this lotion.

Fair Trade Foot Lotion by Lush

I didn’t go for it at first because it’s kind of pricey, but they were nice enough to give me a very generous sample and I fell in love. This lotion has peppermint and arnica gel in it, which creates a soothing effect on feet and legs. For me, it gives almost-instant relief and provides somewhat of a numbing sensation (but nothing too crazy).

I love to slap this on my sore feet right before putting on my compression socks :)

3. Anything by C9 at Target

I love good workout clothes, but I’m cheap. C9 brand by Target offers the “normal person’s” alternative to Lululemon, in my opinion. I have compression shorts, regular shorts, running tights, bras, tank tops, and regular workout pants by C9.

C9 by Target

I’ve been more than happy with all my purchases and they’ve all held up quite well considering how much I’ve worn them. Cheap + decent quality is a win in my book. And their styles are typically pretty “in” too.

4. Koss FitClips

Finding good earbuds that actually stay in while running has been a challenge for me. I’ve tried many different types of earbuds and nothing has worked long-term for me until these.

Koss FitClips in Mint

At first, I was not into the “around the ear” design, but now I actually prefer it because it offers extra support and a better fit. They also came in my favorite color (mint green), so I really love these :) The sound is decent and usually pretty noise cancelling for me. They have also held up well with water/sweat resistance. No issues yet!

5. Sparkly Soul Headbands

I’ve shared my love for these headbands before, but I’ll say it again. These are the only headbands I’ve found that truly stay in place no matter what. This is a must-have for me for running because I get easily frustrated by stuff that moves. I also have bangs, so keeping those out of my face completely is a must.

Sparkly Soul Headbands

These headbands not only truly work, but they are so cute – a great addition to any running outfit. And Sparkly Soul is an awesome company and frequently donates a portion of their proceeds to good causes like cancer research or the Boston ONE Fund.

I’m sure over the years, I will find more products that work for me. But for now, these are my favorite must-have items to be happy stress-free runner.

Happy running! :)

Questions for You:

  • Have you tried any of these items? What did you think?
  • What would be on your top 5 list of gear?

This is not a sponsored post. I just like these products :)