23 Week Bumpdate

Happy Thursday! 

Today is actually my Friday as I’m heading out to Tennessee tomorrow. Can’t wait! I’m definitely in need of a break. 

Weekly Bumpdates

How I’m Feeling: Wowza, have I not been feeling my best! I was having really terrible back pain Monday, enough to leave work early. Thankfully that subsided, but wow that was terrible.

I am definitely big enough now where getting around is hard and uncomfortable, especially in bed. If I lay on my back for even 2 seconds just to roll over to the other side, I feel like a giant beached whale that can’t get up. It’s kind of pathetic. 

Other lovely symptoms I’ve had this week are: 

  • heart burn from nothing, eating too much possibly, and any time I lay down 
  • round ligament pain like none other – aka feels like someone stabbing you in the stomach! 
  • swollen calves 
  • had some very emotional days 

I have also been struggling this week with feeling like I am not enjoying pregnancy. I feel guilty over not being totally happy about pregnancy right now. I am obviously more than happy about baby, but the changes to my body have been driving me crazy. It’s just a lot to add to my plate right now in this already stressful season. 

Weight Gain: haven’t checked and I feel squishy all over. I don’t even really want to know. I don’t think I’m gaining too much, but I can feel that I am gaining. 

Maternity Clothes: I was having some issues with clothing this week. TMI fact: none of my underwear fit anymore. I laughed at the thought of maternity underwear when I was in Motherhood once. Yeah… it’s going to happen soon.

As I’ve said before, full panel pants/skirts seem to be the only thing I can wear comfortably now. I have a lot of low panel stretchy pants but I hate them all now. 

Sleep: pretty decent, but the whole feeling huge thing is making it hard. I also feel like I toss and turn from one side to the other all night long. 

Fitness: I’ve been consistent with workouts this week, which feels good, but running is not happening despite how excited I was about it last week. I did plan running into my workout schedule this week but it didn’t happen due to my crazy back pain and exhaustion. 

Recent Workouts

  • Friday-Sunday: was busy with my friend out, no workouts but lots of walking 
  • Monday: 30 minute incline walk
  • Tuesday: butt/legs circuit & 10 minutes stationary bike 
  • Wednesday: 10 min. arms video & 20 minutes elliptical 

Gender: Girl! 

Craving: I had a huge craving for salty things one day, like chips but I never had any. I still tend to want carbs and sweeter things. I’ve also been drinking water like it’s going out of style. 

Food Aversions: anything leftover is a no go for me 

Missing: running, being able to lay on my back/stomach, fitting into normal clothes 

Movement: She had some very active days this week! I also had my first kick from her that made me jump! Kind of crazy. It seems like movement comes in patterns though: very active for about a day or two and then not much for 3-4 days and so on. 

New for Baby: I’m changing this from “purchased” to “new” since I am not really purchasing anything myself. We got 2 gifts for Baby Bee this week, one of which was quite fitting. 

bumble bee pjs

I can’t even tell you how much I love these! The bee on the pants is on the butt! How cute. They’re from the Children’s Place. 

Most Looking Forward to: my baby showers, getting to the 3rd trimester (about 5 more weeks), starting a home study for hypnobirthing in January – more on that soon! 

Questions for You: 

  • Moms or those expecting: did you ever experience guilt over not totally enjoying pregnancy? 
  • Do you think things on the butt of pants are cute or not? Some are super cute to me but others are just tacky! 

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