Life Lately 9.16.14

Good morning! 

I took a little break last week from the online life. Last week was a rough one for me. I got sick again, was feeling totally exhausted for half the week, and my husband was on a week long business trip – his longest yet! It wasn’t a bad week, necessarily. I just needed a lot of extra downtime, so that’s what I gave myself. 

Normally I would recap on my workouts today, but I’m thinking that I may not do this every week now? I was getting into a good groove again the week before last, which carried into the beginning of last week. But then I got sick and it all went downhill from there, so I really only had some solid workouts Monday through Wednesday and I didn’t run at all. Oops? 

Normally, I think I’d be a little freaked out about this with my upcoming half, but I am basically just doing this half because it’s already on my calendar. If it weren’t, I so wouldn’t be doing this right now. Let’s hope I feel good that day! 

Anyway, I realized over the weekend why my workout schedule has been falling apart so much. Aside from being really busy getting sick twice, since I realized I couldn’t carry on with my original training plan I basically have no plan! And ya’ll know how I do when there is no plan in place… 

New Workout Schedule

Since I am not following my old plan but I haven’t made a new one, I just haven’t been not doing much of anything. I really need to visualize my week in terms of a schedule or I really get nothing done. So here’s my new plan for the time being: 

  • Monday: lunch break workout – cardio 
  • Tuesday: AM gym workout – strength, PM run/power walk
  • Wednesday: lunch break workout – cardio/strength 
  • Thursday: AM run
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: long run
  • Sunday: yoga/power walk

So basically 2 days a week, I’ll workout on my lunch break, and another 2 days a week I’ll get up early and come shower at the gym facilities at my work after a run or using the gym. 

I don’t feel particularly excited right now to workout, but I needed some direction to make sure I am still active. 

Fun Stuff 

On a different note, I did treat myself to some retail therapy last week. I always forget how much I love Old Navy. I got this cute grey shrug sweatshirt in the active section the other day. 

Old Navy sweater

It’s so thick, fuzzy, and covers my butt so it’s going to be perfect with leggings and boots :) 

Next to the Old Navy was an ULTA store, which I looooove. There isn’t one near me so I had to go in. 

ULTA finds

I had been eyeing this Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo in Lavender Mint. It smells AMAZING. I really didn’t want to pay $40 for these 2 small bottles, but I never get nice shampoo so I just bit the bullet and said what the hey. Worth it? Yes. 

I was also out of my favorite mascara (Smashbox Eye Brightening), which is like $20. Ridiculous, but again so worth it instead of trying like 5 crappy drugstore versions that don’t work. 

Last week, my two other co-workers got me this little gift out of the blue. 

fall gift basket

They got me a lotion from Bath & Body Works, a fall candle, a gift card for getting my nails done, a Dunkin gift card, and some pumpkin Reece’s. SO thoughtful! It made my day and my week. :) 

Questions for You: 

  • What “made your day” or your week recently? 
  • How do you motivate yourself to workout when you’re not feeling it at all? 

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