The Texas Adventure Begins

Hey, guys! We made it to Texas in one piece! 

We left Boston and took about three days to get down to Tennessee where we stayed with my in-laws for two and a half weeks. Grammy + grandpa loved having their granddaughter around. She got quite spoiled with attention & gifts. I could easily live with my in-laws. They take such good care of us! I didn’t want to leave, but I did want to get on with our move down here. 

Unfortunately, as soon as we got to Tennessee, Claire hit a huge sleep regression, aka the “four month sleep regression” for any of you up-to-date mommy’s. I’m sure that our lack of routine and tons of traveling did not help, but I think she was going to hit this sleep regression at that time anyway. So my plans of working out and reading every day died pretty quickly. She went from waking up once a night to feed to waking up not even hungry but just babbling and wide awake three-five times a night and also stopped napping. 

I got sleep deprived real quick! I was upset about this for a bit because I felt we had just started getting longer stretches of sleep with her and having a really good schedule, and then I felt like we lost it all overnight. But my husband pointed out that it was actually a good time for the regression to happen because we had nothing going on in Tennessee anyway. We think she is over the hump of it now, but I’m sure things will take some time getting back to normal since we are still all over the place with this move.

As far as Texas goes, we are really in the middle of no where. As we drove here on a two lane highway, we saw maybe 4 other cars. The only things on the way were ranches, farms, & a windmill plant. I know some of you have asked where we are in Texas, but for security reasons I don’t reveal our specific location. I know that it’s unlikely that anyone is going to hunt me down in some po-dunk town, but this is the internet where anyone can read so I just don’t feel comfortable giving out those kind of details since I can’t say we live in Dallas or some other big city center. We are in West Texas though, anywhere from 3-5 hours from all the major cities. People I’ve talked to who are from Texas haven’t ever heard of our town! 

As for housing, we are in a hotel right now. We thought the house we had in mind to rent would be ready to move into by now but it’s not. We may get to move in Saturday, but most likely Monday. The previous tenants left it a total mess so it’s being professionally cleaned. It is definitely nothing great. If we were going to be here any longer than 6 ish months, we probably wouldn’t have considered this place, but since it’s for such a short time, it’ll do. 

So in the next few days, we have to live out of a hotel, hopefully get settled into a house, buy a washer & dryer (it doesn’t come with), set up utilities, & figure out where our stuff is. We are having issues with the movers and don’t know when our stuff will arrive. Since we didn’t have an address to send our goods to, they got put in storage and we have to schedule a time for them to be delivered, but we don’t know the day we get the house & the movers are being hard to get a hold of, so… that’s fun. We did bring a big trailer full of the basics so we could live somewhat comfortably for a few weeks if it takes that long for our stuff to arrive. 

This whole moving experience so far as been a huge exercise in realizing that I am not in control. I can’t control how and when my baby sleeps or her temperament when we are traveling. I don’t even know where 90% of our belongings are at the moment or when they will arrive and in what condition. I don’t know when life will return to “normal” for us and when we can have a routine again. God has been so good to us in this time, blessing our travels. We did not have one hiccup in travels and Claire actually did do well a majority of the time. But He is showing me that this move was a leap of faith, an exercise in trusting Him with the details, not my own understanding or desire for control. 

I trust that our stuff will get here someday. I trust that Claire will sleep again soon. I trust that even if this house is not ideal or that nice, God provided it for a reason and it’s only temporary. 

Love Melissa

Questions for You: 

  • What’s your least favorite thing about moving? I miss my closet right now + don’t like living out of a suitcase.
  • What are you trusting in, even if it isn’t working out like you “planned?” 

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