Talk to You in Texas!

Hey, friends!

Today is our last day on the road to Tennessee. I’m spending about 2 weeks with my in-laws en route on our move to Texas.


Moving day was Tuesday and lets just say it was rough. I was extremely anxious because things were not the organized. And Claire just decided to not nap THE WHOLE DAY so I couldn’t even help organize if I wanted to. By the end of it, both of us were crying. But we managed to fit everything we wanted in a trailer on our car & made out okay.

Thankfully our travels have been MUCH better than moving day. We visited Niagara Falls & one of our close friends on the way.


I mentioned it before, but starting tonight when I get to my in-laws, I’m taking a break from all social media, blog included, until we get to Texas & get settled in. I can’t really say exactly when I’ll be back, but probably late August after we have moved in.

It’s weird to say I’m just going to let my blog go dark for a while, but I know I need this & don’t feel guilty about it at all. I thought of having guest posts or posts buffered up in advance for this time, but then I’d be tempted to come & read comments and make sure things posted. So I decided to just let it be. I know it’ll all still be here when I get back. I also decided not to take “blog pics” of everything just to blog about it when I get back. I really want to live in the present the next few weeks and just enjoy time with family without interruption.

Talk to you in Texas!

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